lablgtk2-react: Lablgtk2 properties and signals as React events

Lablgtk2-react interfaces lablgtk2 properties and signals with Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) libraries like React.
You can find an introduction (pdf). Reading it is probably mandatory if you want to use this library.
I also recommend reading Daniel B├╝nzli's message on the caml-list.
Finally, the module documentation is also available.


Status is currently alpha. It is stable but may lack features. I am currently adding the features when needed. If something is missing, don't hesitate to contact me.
Several things might change if this gets included (as an option) in lablgtk2 or if it gets bigger (currently, there are less than 50 lines of code).


The project is still in a preview state and it doesn't make much sense to provide (versionned) releases. You are advised to take tarballs at until the project gets close to 1.0 beta (which should happen soon).


Currently ISC License even if this is not mentionned in the source itself. Basically, ISC is a permissive license.


By email: camaradetux, hosted on gmail.
On IRC: irc://, channels #ocaml or #ocaml-fr, nickname 'adrien'.